SARC Co-ordinator

The SARC Co-ordinator, Michelle Goode, ensures that the team follow-up with all who engage with Horizon West Midlands.  We recognise that each individual’s needs may be different and the SARC Co-ordinator makes sure that referrals to other agencies that can offer the bespoke services you may need are made. Michelle also goes out to events to train and promote SARC awareness, develops statistics for the force area, trains officers in West Midlands Police and engages with local Universities to help establish safeguarding policies and procedures in relation to sexual assault.

Where you have given your consent to do so, the Co-ordinator, Administrator or Manager will contact you after your initial appointment to see how you are, give you the chance to ask any questions you hadn’t thought about at the time or go over any information that was given that wasn’t clear.  Staff will always try to be clear when explaining the options and services available but we realise that there may be a lot of information to take in – you can always re-contact us if there is something you are unsure about.