Contacting the Police

You can choose to report to the police at any time.  Many individuals chose to access support services later in life following abuse that happened weeks, months or years ago. The police take all reports seriously – there is no need to fear that you will not be believed. 

The opportunity to collect forensic evidence may have passed if you are reporting an assault that occurred more than about 7 days ago, however this does not mean you can not report to the police.  There are other ways to investigate an assault.

Reporting to the police can be a way in which you feel you can regain control – this may be right for you.  If you wish to report to the police you can do so by calling 101.  The police will be able to send out a Specially Trained Officer to meet with you and discuss the reporting process. Alternatively if you would like support in reporting to the police you can contact Horizon on 0808 168 5698 to discuss this with the SARC team.

You can access the same level of support from Horizon West Midlands whether you report to the police or not – it is your decision.

If you are in immediate danger dial 999