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Your options

We understand that you may be feeling a wide range of emotions including shock, humiliation, distress, fear, anger, guilt or helplessness.  Below are some options available to you – you will find further information about these options given in the left hand menu.  It is up to you as to what you want to do and what services you would like to access.  Our staff can give you more information about these options and will support you in any of the options that you choose.

  • Reporting to the police: we can support you in reporting the assault to the police.
  • Not reporting to the police: you can access all the services below whether you choose to report to the police or not.  We can also talk to you about sharing some information with the police, which can be done anonymously.
  • Examination: we may be able to gather physical evidence of the assault, through assessment by a Doctor/Nurse at Horizon who, with your consent can both look at any injuries that may have been caused by the assault as well as taking samples.
  • Sexual health services: it is advisable to have a sexual health screen following an assault and to consider emergency contraception
  • Counselling: after an assault counselling can be a way for you to think and talk about how you feel with support of specialist counsellors who can help you deal with your feelings