Self referral

Horizon West Midlands can be contacted whether you decide to report to the police or not through our 24/7 self-referral number 0808 168 5698 and you will be able to talk to a crisis worker at any time.  You can access the same support from Horizon SARC team whether accessing the service through the police, a third party i.e. through your GP or as a self-referral.

You may not feel ready or able to report to the police but feel that you want to take some action.  There are a few ways in which you can take some action without directly reporting to the police, any of the below actions will only be taken with your consent:


  • Examination – If the assault was in the last 10 days then evidence such as documenting any injuries or taking of samples like skin swabs or hair combings can be collected.  This evidence can then be stored allowing you time to think about whether you would like to report the incident formally to the police. 
  • Anonymous testing – following taking forensic samples, depending on the nature and circumstances of the assault, samples may be able to be anonymously passed to the police to be sent for analysis.  Horizon staff can discuss this option further with you.
  • Intelligence sharing – Horizon staff can share details of the assault, such as location of assault, description of perpetrator with the police.  This can be done anonymously or with your details, depending on what you want. Sharing of this sort of information can help the police to identify trends in assault and may help prevent future assaults.

Just as with a Police referral the SARC team and Doctor/Nurse will make contact with other agencies, with your consent and on your behalf, so that you can access other support services such as counselling, ISVA services – where applicable, and sexual health follow up.