Police referral

Making a report to the police may seem scary, you may feel anxious about what the process will be or fear that you may not be believed – this is not the case.  West Midlands Police have a dedicated team of Specially Trained Officers (STO) who work with individuals who have experienced rape or sexual abuse throughout the reporting process.  Horizon staff can support you in making your initial report to the police or if you feel you want to report directly to the police you can do so by calling 101 – in an emergency always dial 999. There are STOs working 24/7 across West Midlands Police Force and you can make a report at any time.  They will meet with you and discuss the reporting process with you, taking what is termed a first account of the incident to document details of incident such as the nature of the assault, description of the perpetrator, location of the assault etc. 

Please click on the below picture to see the West Midlands Police website information on reporting a rape or sexual assault - 

If you have not made contact with Horizon West Midlands and have reported directly to the Police, the STO will be able to talk through the examination process and work with you to determine if an assessment is appropriate.  If you are happy for an assessment to take place the STO will then contact the Doctor and crisis worker who will meet you at Horizon SARC.  Following an examination the SARC team and Doctor/Nurse, with your consent, will make contact with other agencies on your behalf who can offer further support such as sexual health screening, counselling or ISVA services.