Below we have provided answers to some questions that you may have about Horizon SARC West Midlands and the services available. Simply click the question to see the answer.

If you have any questions that have not been answered you can call us on 0808 168 5698 and speak to a crisis worker who will be happy to talk to you.

Q. Will what I say be kept confidential?
A. Horizon West Midlands services are usually confidential, we understand that confidentiality and privacy is important to you. Information will only be shared with other agencies such as your GP when you have given your consent for this. There are certain circumstances where we have a duty to disclose information to another organisation. This will only apply if you or someone else’s life is at risk or there are concerns about child protection or ongoing abuse of a vulnerable adult.
Q. Do I need to speak to the police when I visit Horizon West Midlands?
A. No, you do not need to speak to or involve the police. If you decide that you do want to talk to the police our staff can support you in this but you will not be pressured to do this – you will be offered the same level of support by Horizon West Midlands whether you want to involve the police or not.
Q. Can I come in to Horizon West Midlands at any time?
A. We ask that you contact us first on our freephone 24/7 number, 0808 168 5698, to arrange an appointment. This is to make sure you have the best care and service when you attend and so that we can protect client’s privacy. Appointments can often be made at short notice and if you are phoning between 09:00 – 17:00 an appointment can often be made for the same day.
Q. Can I bring someone with me to Horizon West Midlands?
A. Yes of course. You can bring a friend, family member or partner with you for support if you would like. They can be with you throughout your time at the SARC, including in the examination or if you would like them to they can wait outside - it is completely up to you.
Q. Will I be seen by a female doctor/nurse?
A. We can make a request for a female doctor/nurse to see you, however it can not be guaranteed that a female will be available. We will try our best to give you a choice. All the doctors and nurses at Horizon West Midlands are specially trained and will make sure you are treated with dignity and respect.
Q. Will the examination be painful?
A. No, we will do all we can to make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the assessment. There may be some parts of the assessment that are a bit uncomfortable, however it should not be painful. You can stop the examination at any time and it will only restart with your consent.
Q. How long will it take?
A. Every assessment is different, as every person is different so the amount of time spent at the SARC varies. We try to keep the physical part of the examination and time in the medical room as short as possible, this can be 20-30 minutes. The total time spent at Horizon West Midlands is usually between 2-3 hours, including talking to you about aftercare and any ongoing needs. We will work to go at a pace that suits you - you will not be rushed.
Q. Can I change my clothes?
A. Yes. It can be useful to take the clothes that you were wearing at the time of the assault as evidence. If you can bring a change of clothes with you then please do, if not do not worry we can provide clothing for you. There are shower facilities at Horizon West Midlands and you will have the opportunity to have a shower after your assessment if you would like to.
Q. Do I have to pay anything?
A. No. Horizon West Midlands is a free service whether accessing through the police or directly as a self-referral that is funded by a partnership between the NHS, community safety partnerships and West Midlands Police.