Ordering HIV self-test kits online?

Taken from a GOV.UK press release article published 01/12/15 - 

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is reminding people to be careful when ordering HIV self-test kits online and make sure it always has a CE mark and is clearly identified for self-testing. 

It is now lawful to sell or advertise kits that are CW registered which ensures they have been regulated and are appropriate for use. 

Only buy a kit from a source that you trust and check that they are registered with the MHRA. 

Home test kits are not 100% reliable and can cause stress and anguish with unreliable results.

Always remember self-test kits are a part of healthcare but you can receive HIV testing and fast testing at your local GU or some GP surgeries and remember always to get advice from a healthcare professional in relation to the outcome of your test result.

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